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Tips for Brightening Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces in 2018

Your outdoor living spaces can either amp up the quality and atmosphere of your home’s design plan or do the complete opposite. All it takes is some planning and imaginative, creative designs for your new outdoor space to go from dream to reality. Whether it’s a balcony or a full-blown outdoor living and dining area, our landscape services team have some great tips for adding that dash of beauty and charm to your outdoor living spaces.

Tip 1:

How will you use it? Begin your planning and outdoor living spaces design by considering the how you will use it and the traffic that will create. Regardless of whether the yard is big or small in size, the outdoor space will work if the traffic patterns have been established around it. This may be accomplished in a variety of manners such as, laying down formal walkways and planting trees or shrubs. Introducing hardscape, creating corners and borders, into the landscape design is also a fantastic way to do this.

Tip 2:

Where should I sit? Another great addition to your outdoor living space could be the introduction of several different seating options. There is such a range of styles and prices to fit all of your needs. Pint-sized chairs, tables, and benches for kids.  Dining tables, lounge chairs, and sofas all created just for the outdoors.  The more options you can include, the more at-home your friends and family will feel there.

Tip 3:

Just add water and fire! Lastly, adding a water or fire source, such as a pool, fireplace or firepit, can also be a great idea!  A pool will allow you to stay cool in the Texas heat, and a fireplace or firepit will extend the months that you can use your outdoor spaces as it gets cooler. Water and fire create opportunities for enjoyment in the great outdoors; relaxation, exercise, s’mores with the kids or hanging out with friends and a glass of wine.

With these tips, a licensed contractor, and a few personal touches, you could have the perfect outdoor living spaces you’ve dreamed of!

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