Arbors and Pergolas

If you’re looking to warm your space up with wood, pergolas and arbors offer several benefits. Wooden structures like these can add beauty to your yard, and will also provide a functional aspect. Designing an outdoor space begins with identifying what features are important for you.

Pergolas – A garden framework that consists of posts and beams, pergolas offer a sense of separation and create a shaded space that’s ideal for sitting areas. They can also act as a support structure for climbing plants, vines, or hanging plants.
Arbors – Traditionally, arbors are a often tunnel-like structures that have a lattice design. Like pergolas, they also provide a place for decorative vines and plants to grow. Grape arbors are often pictured in areas made to look like romantic vineyards with patios and pathways that lead to other areas of a garden.

Circle D Construction builds custom cedar coverings for any size yard or project. We will work with you to design and place your custom garden structure, making your backyard a more enjoyable and beautiful place to spend time.

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When combined with impeccable landscaping, hardscaping in your yard can add both style and function. We can help you make a decision between a patio cover and a pergola, along with choosing how to design and decorate your space to fit your needs and style.

What Is A Pergola?

It’s a word most of us have heard when learning about outdoor spaces, but do you know what a pergola is? The stand alone structure can be small enough to act as a garden feature. They can also be larger, offering space for dining or entertaining. 

Pergolas are open and airy, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the fresh air outdoors while getting some shade. Pergolas and arbors are designed with slatted beams to provide the sun protection. The design also allows for extras like vines and hanging lights, to add to the style of the structure.

Pergolas vs. Covered Patios

Pergolas and patio covers are often compared and confused for one another. Here are the characteristics that set the two outdoor structures apart.

  • While patio covers have a solid roof, offering protection from the elements, pergolas are open and have at least a partially exposed top. This lets some sunlight in and allows air to circulate. 
  • Patio covers are often built as extensions of other structures, usually houses or garages. Pergolas stand on their own, defining spaces or accenting an area of the yard.
  • Pergolas often act as a decorative addition to a landscape’s design, while patio covers tend to provide more function. 
  • For those with plenty of space and a love of entertaining, a patio cover may be the right option. For those with less space and a smaller area to relax and dine outside, a pergola can be a great option.
Which To Choose

There isn’t always a right or wrong decision when it comes to designing the landscaping and hardscaping for your yard. Personal preference usually makes the decision. If you’re still deciding between a patio cover and a pergola, think about these factors.

  • Is the area you want to cover next to your house, or in a different area of the yard? Patio covers are typically attached to another structure, but pergolas can be placed anywhere on the property.
  • How much space do you have to dedicate to a structure? For smaller spaces, an arbor or pergola usually makes more sense. You can have the function of a space protected from the sun, without taking up your entire outdoor area.
  • Pergolas can offer some sun protection, for those who want a structure that can be used for relaxing on sunny days. Patio covers work best for those who want space for entertaining in all weather conditions.
  • Are you looking for a simple structure like a pergola that adds a focal point to your landscaping, or a larger area like a patio cover that can serve multiple living and entertaining purposes?
Benefits of Adding an Arbor or Pergola

While a patio cover adds a space that fulfills a need for an outdoor living space, pergolas aren’t always necessary but can always add to the look of your yard. These are some of the benefits you’ll find when you add one to your landscaping design.

  • Adding a structure to your landscape can help to define a specific space, drawing the eye to one area of the yard. Even in a small space, adding the focal point can make your yard more charming.
  • Create a space for dining outside during good weather. When it’s sunny and warm outside, take your meal to your pergola where you can dine outdoors while enjoying some shade.
  • Cover a pathway in your yard. If you have a path leading to a freestanding garage or to your garden, set it apart and give it some protection from the bright sun by covering it partially with a pergola.
Designing a Pergola

If you decide to add a pergola to your yard as a focal point, to make a shady spot for getting out of the sun, or you want a unique addition to your landscaping, there are some options for designing and decorating. Use the tips below to help your structure fit your needs.

  • Choose your materials wisely. Wood is the traditional material of choice for arbors and pergolas, but you can incorporate other materials, like stone, to help the structure fit in with the rest of your hardscaping.
  • Incorporate your landscaping with your arbor or pergola. Use climbing vines to bring plant life to the structure in a way that makes it look like it belongs.
  • The design can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like to make it. Hang lights to make your structure usable in the evening. Add light curtains on the sides to create a private oasis in your yard.

If your yard is in need of an updated design with a unique and functional focal point, contact the team at Circle D Construction and ask about incorporating a pergola into your landscaping plan.