Fences are the typically the go-to solution for adding privacy, security, and boundaries to your outdoor space. With the variety in styles and materials, fences can fit your landscaping needs while also fitting with your design style. 

Reasons People Buy Nice Fences

When you first think of fencing, images of quaint cottages and white picket fences are likely the first things you imagine. However, there are many uses for fences in landscape design, so there’s a good chance that your yard could benefit from having one installed. Here are some of the ways that you can use fences to improve the design and function of your outdoor space.

  • Garden Protection: If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a garden, whether with vegetables or flowers, you won’t want to see it ruined by animals. A fence can protect the area and keep your plants safely contained inside.
  • Privacy: Most homeowners prefer some privacy when relaxing in their outdoor area. A fence can offer a barrier to help you keep your space to yourself.
  • Creating Boundaries: If you have several separate areas throughout your yard, a fence will allow you to define each space. 
  • Security: Fences can provide a layer of protection for your home and outdoor space. A tall fence can certainly be a deterrent to anyone attempting to enter the space. 
  • Safety: In addition to keeping others out, a fence can keep kids and animals safely inside of an area. Those with kids and pets can allow outdoor play with less worry when a fence is surrounding the area.
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Fence Materials Most Commonly Used

While wood is the traditional material of choice when building fences, there are several different options to choose from. The material you choose will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve in your space, the amount of protection you need the fence to offer, and the budget of the project.

  • Wood Fences are a simple and usually cost effective solution for homeowners. Because wood is easy to work with, you’ll have many style options to consider and the structure can easily fit into the design of your landscaping. 
  • Metal Fences are a strong and durable option. The strength of the material makes it a good option for those using a fence for security purposes, or for public areas like sports courts. However, metal fencing can also find a place in modern landscape design as well.

Installing A Wood Fence

Longevity should be a consideration for anyone installing a structure in their yard. Wood fences are a smart investment, and ensuring that a fence is properly installed can help it last for years.

  • Soil and plants will quickly add to water damage and can attract damage causing insects to the area. Keep plants away from your fence when possible, and use a sealant to keep water away.
  • Keep your sprinkler system in mind during installation. To avoid water damage, you’ll want to keep your fence a safe distance from the watering system. 
  • If you’re dealing with sloping ground, a retaining wall and fence can be used together, to provide privacy as well as preventing water damage. After the retaining wall is installed to protect your yard from water runoff, a fence can be installed on top of the wall.

Benefits Of Wood Fences

Wood has been the material of choice for homeowners over time for good reason. There are plenty of benefits to choosing a wood fence for your space.

  • Wood is extremely versatile. The fence can be shaped and designed to fit with nearly any landscape design, from traditional to modern. Choose from standard fencing, horizontal fencing, and board on board fencing, each with its own style.
  • With stain and paint, you can create a wood fence with any color you can think of. This isn’t the case when choosing other materials like metal and vinyl with limited options.
  • Wood fences do require some yearly maintenance. However, when a wood fence is well taken care of, it can last for a long time. 

Maintaining A Wood Fence

To keep your fence looking its best, and to ensure that your structure will last for years, be sure to take maintenance steps annually. There are several ways that you can care for your wood fence each season.

  • Clean up the area around your fence. If any objects or debris are touching the fence, it can trap moisture that will cause damage and wear away at the wood.
  • Check up on the structural integrity of the fence. Replace any missing parts and make any repairs necessary before the cooler and wet winter months. 
  • In the spring, ensure that the winter weather hasn’t caused any damage. Look for warping and cracks, and repair or replace the damaged posts. 
  • In the summer, give your fence an update. Give the fence a fresh coat of paint or stain and use a sealant. 

Most yards can benefit from the addition of a fence. Talk to the team at Circle D Construction to make a plan for adding this feature to your outdoor space.