Quick Home Updates for Spring

If you’re making plans for spring cleaning, you might be considering a few other projects for your home. Spring is a great time for making home improvements because the weather is warming up. After spending the winter indoors, you’re probably in the mood to get out and make some updates. Even making indoor improvements is more appealing since you don’t have to venture out in cold weather to get supplies! Here are some quick fixes to consider to perk up your home this spring.


One of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can make is a fresh coat of paint. While painting does require some effort, it’s not nearly as labor-intensive as other upgrades. One gallon of paint can cover up to 400 square feet of wall space. Thanks to free paint cards, you can test out paint colors against your wall and mix and match without spending a cent. Once you find a color you like or if you want to compare a couple of different colors, spend a couple of dollars on paint samples. You can paint a couple of small areas on your wall to see what the color will look like in the lighting in that space.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches include things like crown molding and window trim. They are the little elements that you may not notice directly. But when you add them to your space, they can bring a touch of elegance. These finishing touches are rarely expensive and not difficult to create. The most difficult part of the process is measuring and cutting and even that is not terribly intricate. When attempting this project on your own, remember to always measure twice so that you only have to cut once. It will save you both time and money. This is one of those quick home updates for spring that will show you a real return on your investment.

Sprinkler Installation

Your landscaping is the first impression of your home. Keeping your landscaping looking great requires maintenance. Installing a sprinkler system will help keep your landscaping lush and full with regular watering. Your sprinklers can be positioned to water your lawn and your flower gardens. Installing a sprinkler system can be a complex procedure. Unless you are sure you have the right skills, you’ll be better off handing this job over to the professionals.


Hardscaping is the part of your landscaping that doesn’t grow; this includes anything made from stone, brick, concrete, or wood. It is one of the first things people think about when they look to make quick home updates for spring. Like most things, there are some hardscaping projects that be conquered by do-it-yourselfers, while other projects require professional help. For example, laying concrete for a new patio may be difficult if you have never done it before and is be best left to landscape contractors experienced in hardscaping.

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Patio Addition

Having an outdoor living space gives you more ways to enjoy your home and it increases your home’s value. It is one of those quick home updates for spring that you will really enjoy as the weather gets warmer.  A patio can be a beautiful wooden deck or a concrete slab. This might be a project where you should consider hiring an experienced contractor.

When the weather begins to get warmer and you’re ready for quick home updates for spring, there are many projects to consider. The trick is knowing which ones your will attempt on your own and which ones you should seek help from a professional contractor.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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