7 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to your Home

add curb appeal to your home

Don’t wait any longer before adding curb appeal to your home. Think of how many times you drive up to your house or take a walk in front of it. Do you want to have the best-looking landscape on the block? Here are seven beautiful ways you can add some curb appeal.

1. Front Porch Redesign

A comfortable front porch with seating areas will give you and your family years of enjoyment no matter where you live. Imagine sitting on your front porch on a couch swing, at a wrought iron bistro set, or in a wicker rocker. You can watch your neighbors walk by, harvest herbs with your kids, or sip on a nightcap with your spouse. You could add hanging planters for extra color and appeal.

2. Light Up Your Landscape

Just as the right lighting adds appeal to indoor space, landscape lighting greatly enhances curb appeal for your outdoor spaces. Have your landscaping contractor include landscape lighting along the sides of your driveway to increase visibility at night. Decorative uplights beneath the trees on your front lawn increase their majestic stance. Light up pathways and garden borders to prevent slips or accidents.

3. Get Rock Solid

Landscaping stones add an artistic touch to any front yard. Retaining walls set off flower beds or special areas in your yard. A display of large and medium boulders adds natural charm to the scene, and a flagstone driveway enhances the sophisticated look of a colonial home. There are many ways to use landscaping stones, and your contractor will be able to offer even more ideas. If you don’t love the idea of mowing your lawn, you could replace the whole yard with a combination of mulch, landscaping stones, and low-maintenance plants.

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4. Set Your Boundaries

Whether you have a large or small yard, a beautiful border fence will really frame your property. A small home with a shallow front yard would look even more charming with a white picket fence around it. Contrast the white with colorful perennials, and you have a home straight out of an old movie. Larger brick homes look stately when they’re surrounded by black wrought iron fences. Ornamental iron gates at the foot of your driveway create a beautiful entrance for yourself and your guests.

5. Treat Your Lawn

If you appreciate the look of a full, lush lawn, remember that optimum lawn care includes regular watering. Unless you’re willing to stand in the yard with a garden hose for hours on end, it’s a good idea to invest in an automatic lawn sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems can be installed in a very short time, with minimal disruption to your existing landscaping. They can be programmed on a timer, and regulated as far as how much water is used. Once you start using your lawn sprinkler system, your lawn will probably be one of the best on your block.

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6. Color You Proud

Color plays an enormous part in how your home is pictured. If you have drab, weather-beaten colors on your house, it will seem like a dry, boring place to be. But if you give your exterior a fresh coat of paint, you’ll begin to see a difference in the way your home feels. Contrast a neutral tone by painting your front door a magnificent shade of plum, red, or blue. Be sure to install shiny new hardware like a knob and doorknocker.

7. Shutter the Windows

Wooden window shutters on the front exterior of your home serve as the icing on the cake. Make smaller windows appear larger, and use the opportunity to add a pop of color.

Enhance your Outdoor Space

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