Hardscaping Projects That Add Value to your Home

Hardscape - stone planter in front of house

When you invest in hardscaping such as patios, outdoor kitchens, and stonework, you not only add beauty and function to your outdoor living space, you also add value beyond plants and shrubbery. Here are six hardscaping projects that add value to your home.

1. Patios And Decks

A beautiful patio or deck extends your living space into the outdoors. Concrete patios give potential buyers the illusion of more square feet in the home. An awning or gazebo increases shade, comfort, and overall appearance. From a simple concrete patio, to elaborate stone or woodwork, this alone can dramatically increase your home’s value and appeal.

2. Fencing

Many prospective buyers actively seek out fenced-in yards for privacy, protection, and convenience. Whether wood, stone, or iron, fencing is one of the hardscaping projects that add value to your property.

3. Water Features

Water features are an unexpected bonus that adds unique appeal to any landscape when it comes to hardscaping projects that add value. Examples of a water features may include stone fountains or backyard ponds, among other things.

4. Sprinkler And Irrigation Systems

A quality in-ground sprinkler system lets you better care for your landscaping and increases value. It also saves time and makes caring for lawns and gardens easier.

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a trend that isn’t going away. They allow you to entertain larger numbers than a small indoor kitchen may allow. Barbecues, bars, fire pits, built-in seating, and refrigeration are all good examples of elements that create a functional and fun outdoor kitchen.

6. Outdoor Lighting

A reasonable addition to the list of hardscaping projects that add value, outdoor lighting offers plenty of advantages. Creative outdoor lighting can accentuate trees and shrubs, increase safety and security and provide a warm, inviting ambiance for family and guests.

7. Stonework

In outdoor landscaping and living spaces, custom stonework can be used to create walls, patios, steps, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. With the skill of designers and builders on the team at Circle D Construction, stonework can combine form and function for a space that feels warm and inviting. 

Hardscaping your home is an investment that pays off big in dividends of adding value to your home and quality of life to you and your family. For more hardscaping ideas, contact your local hardscaping contractor. Chances are, there is a hardscaping solution that will perfectly suit your home and your budget.

Value For Your Home

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