Is Sprinkler System Installation a DIY Project?

Irrigation Systems - Sprinkler System

There are a lot of things you love about summer, but dragging hoses around the lawn to water the grass is definitely not one of them. If your grass is not getting the water it needs simply because you don’t have the time to commit to moving sprinklers, you might consider an automatic sprinkler system installation. There are a lot of lawn and garden tasks you can do yourself, but is sprinkler installation one of them? No, not really. Here are a few reasons why sprinkler system installation is best left to professionals.

1. Warranty

If you buy a sprinkler system and then install it yourself and do something incorrectly that harms the system, you are on your own. You are out a lot of money and you may have to pay big to have someone fix whatever has gone wrong. If you have a professional company install the sprinkler system for you, that installation comes with a warranty. If anything goes wrong with the system, you have someone you can call to fix it fast and free.

2. Peace of Mind

You don’t want to run up your water bill or lay awake at night wondering if the system was installed correctly. Having a professional run your sprinkler system installation process will give you peace of mind. You are getting the system you want and the installation you deserve. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it was done correctly, because a skilled professional knows exactly what to do.

3. Correct Engineering

Whether you have engineering in your background or not, chances are you do not work with sprinklers on a regular basis, but the professionals you hire to install your system do. Professionals determine maximum water pressure and engineer and install the system according to the right figures for optimal results.

4. Proven History

Who installed your sprinkler system correctly and when? Contractors can show you their proven track record and even give you examples of jobs they have done, often including testimonials from past clients. Contractors have a working knowledge of how to layout systems, determine zones, and place sprinkler heads for the best coverage. This gives a sprinkler system expert a huge advantage over DIYers.

5. Special Considerations

Contractors know what to watch for. Even if you understand the basics of sprinkler system installation, it is possible you will not catch the small things. Consider everything, such as plant type and sun exposure, when designing your sprinkler system. Trees and other obstacles may affect placement. Contractors with experience will take every factor into consideration and design a system specifically for your needs.

Installing a sprinkler system sounds simple. You dig the ruts, place the lines, and pop in a few sprinkler heads, right? Wrong. Hiring a contractor with a proven track record and the necessary expertise is a much better idea for sprinkler system installation than you can imagine. In the end, it will save you time, effort, and quite possibly even money.

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