Sprinkler Reroute / Reconfiguration

Sprinklers are a necessity to many homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A sprinkler system can make all the difference in the way your lawn looks and feels. If the style or layout of your landscaping changes, your sprinklers will need to change as well. Rerouting and reconfiguring can keep your lawn looking impeccable during every season.

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Sprinkler System Reroute, Reroute / Reconfiguration
Reasons For Rerouting

Many homes and lawns won't stay the same forever. With changes in buildings, outside structures, and landscaping will also come the need for changes in your sprinkler system. If you're planning any changes and questioning whether you should reroute, ask a professional to evaluate and help you make a plan.

Rerouting the system can prevent parts of your sprinklers from becoming damaged. It can also ensure that your lawn and plants continue to get the water they need to stay healthy after the yard layout is changed. The following are some reasons to consider rerouting your sprinklers.

  • The addition of a swimming pool
  • The addition of a deck, patio, or other outdoor living space
  • Creating or expanding a garden or flower bed, requiring more water in a new area
  • Expanding the grassy area of your lawn
  • The addition or expansion of a retaining wall or sidewalk on or near your property

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Benefits Of Rerouting Your Sprinkler System

Sprinklers are a convenient way to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year. Many homeowners appreciate sprinklers because they're low maintenance, especially if they're set on a timer. They cut down on the time it takes to keep your yard looking great and make your landscaping basically take care of itself.

Make sure that your sprinkler system continues to work for your needs by rerouting when necessary. If you take the time to call in professionals to change the path of your system, the benefits will be well worth it:

  • Preventing dry spots in your lawn
  • Addressing existing dry spots
  • Keeping grass and plants alive and healthy
  • Preventing water from pooling near your home and other structures
  • Exploring new opportunities to redesign the landscape
When To Consider Reconfiguring

In addition to changing the path of your sprinkler system, there are times when you'll need to reconfigure the system to better meet your needs. A professional will be able to assess your yard and determine whether changes need to be made.

New homeowners should have their sprinkler system evaluated when moving into the new home, if the home is more than ten years old, as it may require repairs or reconfiguration. Those who have been living in their home for years should look into reconfiguring at these times:

  • Changing the landscaping in the yard, including adding grassy areas and incorporating new plants
  • Adding hardscaping to the yard, including retaining walls and patios
  • Installing water features, like ponds and fountains
  • Adding on to your home, either by adding a new room or putting a garage on the property
  • Planting new trees or taking down existing trees, which changes the amount of sunlight your yard receives
  • A neighbor makes changes to their yard's irrigation system
Benefits Of Reconfiguring

It may seem like hassle to have a team check your sprinkler system, create a new plan, and install new features. However, the process is sometimes necessary and always a positive change to your yard in the long run. These are a few of the benefits of reconfiguring your sprinkler system.

  • Increase in efficiency of your water system, which can keep your yard looking great while saving you money on your water bill
  • Ensuring that new plants are well taken care of, to prevent seeing dead plants in your yard and wasting money on replacing them
  • Keeping water away from your home and other structures, saving you money on future repairs
  • Making sure that your sprinklers are operating properly, cutting down on future repairs
Why You Should Hire A Professional

Sprinkler systems may seem simple, but sprinkler repair, rerouting, and reconfiguring requires the help of a professional. For those who are moving into a home with an existing irrigation system, it can be difficult to know exactly what the previous homeowners were working with. A professional can look at the old system and develop a plan for rerouting, as necessary.

When rerouting and reconfiguring is needed, it can be a complicated process. Zones will need to be addressed, as different areas may need to receive more or less water, depending on where plants have been added or removed. After planning, some parts of the system will need to be moved, new parts may need to be added, and sprinkler repair may be necessary in some areas.

Finally, a landscaping professional will be able to give you new ideas for making the most of your outdoor space. While looking at the current route and configuration of your sprinklers, your team might be able to recommend better solutions for reaching dry areas of your yard, keeping your plants healthy, and rerouting water away from wet areas of the yard or the foundation of your house.

To make sure that your sprinklers are working effectively and efficiently, call the professionals at Circle D Construction and find out if rerouting or reconfiguring might be the best solution.