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Tired of lawn troubles? Choose us, and we'll transform your yard into a perfect, stress-free oasis, so you can enjoy a lush and inviting outdoor space all year round, without any worries.

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Your Trusted Sprinkler Installation Contractor

Your Watauga TX Partner for Superior Sprinkler Installation

When it comes to landscape construction in Watauga, Circle D Construction stands out as the go-to choice. Our expert team specializes in sprinkler system installation, ensuring lush, vibrant lawns. As the top-rated outdoor living contractor near Watauga, we transform outdoor spaces into stunning, functional retreats. Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of the project reflects their individual style and needs. Trust Circle D Construction to bring unparalleled expertise and creativity to your outdoor living endeavors in Watauga.
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Customized Sprinkler and Outdoor Living Solutions for Every Lawn in Watauga TX

sprinkler system installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Efficient Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Living for Active Families

Balancing Your Lifestyle with Hassle-Free Solutions

Families in Watauga can enjoy the best of both worlds with our efficient sprinkler system installation and outdoor living services. Our expert team specializes in sprinkler system installation in Watauga, ensuring water conservation and a lush green lawn, making it ideal for active lifestyles. As the top-rated outdoor living contractor near Watauga, we create inviting outdoor spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for family time, making every moment memorable. Say goodbye to the hassle of maintenance and hello to hassle-free outdoor enjoyment with Circle D Construction.

Outdoor Living Space installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Elegant Irrigation and Outdoor Living Solutions for Perfect Hosting

Transforming Your Landscape into an Entertainer's Paradise

Discover our elegant drip irrigation system installation, outdoor living solutions, and luxury lawn installations. Our expert team seamlessly integrates these services with your landscaping, making it ideal for hosting get-togethers. As the top-rated drip irrigation contractor near Watauga and specialists in outdoor kitchen design and construction, we create the perfect backdrop for your gatherings, ensuring every event is memorable.
sprinkler system installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Simple and Effective Sprinklers and Outdoor Living for Gardening Enthusiasts

Creating a Relaxing and Hassle-Free Garden Experience

Discover the ease of sprinkler installation and outdoor living solutions for gardening enthusiasts in Watauga. Experience time-saving features and stress-free gardening near Watauga. Our team of expert sprinkler system installers near Watauga and yard grading services in Watauga ensure you have the perfect outdoor living spaces for your gardening needs.

Professional Sprinkler Installation Services in Watauga TX

Elevate your Fort Worth landscape with our new sprinkler system installation near Fort Worth. As the foremost lawn sprinkler system contractor in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on our team of expert sprinkler installers near Fort Worth. We're recognized as one of the leading lawn sprinkler installation companies near Fort Worth, dedicated to enhancing your outdoor environment.
New Sprinkler System Installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

New Sprinkler System Installation

Experience cutting-edge sprinkler system design near Watauga with our expert team. Our sprinkler installation services near Watauga ensure the seamless installation of advanced sprinkler systems. Trust our skilled sprinkler system installers near Watauga for a flawless installation that guarantees a greener and healthier lawn.
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Drip Irrigation System Installation by Circle D Constructionin Watauga TX

Drip Irrigation System Installation

Discover the benefits of an efficient drip irrigation system in Watauga with our expert team. As the top-rated drip irrigation contractor near Watauga, we ensure precise installation, enhancing water conservation and promoting healthy landscapes. Experience the ease and effectiveness of our drip irrigation system in Watauga, designed to optimize your garden's growth.
Sprinkler System Design by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Sprinkler System Design

Discover innovative sprinkler system design near Watauga, tailored to your specific needs. Our team of expert lawn sprinkler system designers in Watauga ensures precision and efficiency, creating a customized solution that guarantees a thriving and vibrant landscape. Whether you have a small garden or a sprawling estate, our designs are adaptable to any outdoor space, ensuring the beauty and sustainability of your surroundings.

Enhance Your Landscape with Professional Sprinkler Solutions!

Elevate your Watauga property with our professional sprinkler services, offering customized designs, efficient irrigation solutions, commercial installations, and automated watering systems. Trust Circle D Construction for top-tier craftsmanship, water efficiency, and a lush, vibrant lawn.

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Landscape Drainage Solutions in Watauga TX

Discover effective drainage solutions near Watauga with our expert team. As the leading landscape drainage contractor near Watauga, our yard drainage contractors in Watauga specialize in tailored solutions to address your specific landscape drainage needs, ensuring a dry and well-maintained outdoor space.
Surface Drain Installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Surface Drains

Improve the benefits of effective surface drain installation near Watauga with our expert team. We specialize in designing and installing surface drainage systems tailored to Watauga's unique needs, ensuring water flows away from your property, preventing flooding, and preserving the integrity of your landscape.
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French Drain rocks installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

French Drains

Discover the effectiveness of French drain installation near Watauga for superior lawn drainage. Our expert team specializes in French drain systems near Watauga, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific landscaping needs, ensuring a well-drained and healthy lawn without standing water issues.
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Sump Pump Installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Sump Pumps

Elevate the reliability of sump pump installation near Watauga for effective water management. Our expert team specializes in sump pump installation near Watauga, providing customized solutions for your needs.
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Regraded Lawn by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX


Enhance your landscaping in Watauga with precise yard grading services. Our expert team specializes in lawn leveling near Watauga, ensuring your outdoor space is perfectly graded to prevent water accumulation and create a stunning and functional landscape.
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Enhance Your Landscape with Expert Lawn Drainage Solutions!

Enhance your Watauga property with our expert lawn drainage services, offering customized designs, effective water control, commercial installations, and cutting-edge drainage solutions. Rely on Circle D Construction for exceptional craftsmanship, water conservation, and the promotion of a lush, thriving lawn.

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Custom Hardscaping Services in Watauga TX

Discover the beauty of custom hardscaping services in Watauga with our expert team. As the leading hardscape contractor in Watauga, we provide top-tier hardscaping solutions to transform your outdoor space. Explore hardscaping companies near Watauga for the best in hardscaping design and execution.

Retaining Walls Installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Retaining Walls

Enhance your outdoor space in Watauga with our expertly crafted retaining walls. As the trusted retaining wall supplier in Watauga, we offer top-quality solutions for your landscaping needs. Explore the top retaining wall contractors near Watauga to bring stability and beauty to your property.
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Stone Pathway installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Patios & Pathways

Transform your outdoor space in Watauga with our exquisite patio and pathway designs. Our team, the trusted patio pathways design experts in Watauga, excels in crafting beautiful outdoor areas. Discover how we, the patio contractors near Watauga, create the perfect setting for your outdoor gatherings.
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Stone Steps Installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Steps & Edging

Enhance your outdoor space in Watauga with our exquisite custom stonework steps and edging. As the trusted landscape curbing company in Watauga, we specialize in creating visually appealing and functional outdoor areas. Explore our services for custom stonework near Watauga to elevate your landscaping.
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Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with Precision Hardscaping!

Enhance your outdoor living spaces in Watauga with our skilled hardscaping expertise. From crafting retaining walls and patios to pathways, edging, stone steps, and stonework, Circle D Construction delivers precision craftsmanship in every aspect. Count on us for exceptional hardscape solutions that elevate both beauty and usability.

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Transformative Outdoor Living Spaces in Watauga TX

Experience the magic of transformative outdoor living spaces in Watauga. At Circle D Construction, we are your trusted outdoor living contractor near Watauga, dedicated to creating captivating outdoor spaces. Explore our outdoor living services in Watauga to turn your outdoor dreams into reality.
Outdoor Kitchen Built by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Outdoor Kitchens

Harness the beauty of outdoor living with our exceptional outdoor kitchen designs in Watauga. As the preferred outdoor kitchen contractor in Watauga, Circle D Construction brings your outdoor culinary dreams to life. Explore our outdoor kitchen company near Watauga and let us create a stunning outdoor kitchen for your home.
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Outdoor Fire Feature installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fire pits and fireplaces are a great addition to any outdoor living area, providing warmth, ambiance, and entertainment options. Let our team at Circle D Construction create a beautiful and functional fireplace or fire pit that will be the perfect focal point for your patio or yard.
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Pergola installation by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Arbors and Pergolas

We specialize in creating captivating arbors and pergolas in Watauga that add charm and functionality to your property. Explore our arbor and pergola installation services near Watauga and elevate your outdoor experience. Enhance your outdoor space in Watauga with our stunning pergola installation.

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Patio Cover installed by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Patio Covers

Elevate your outdoor space in Watauga with our expert patio covers. Circle D Construction, the top-rated patio cover installers in Watauga, specializes in creating functional and stylish outdoor covers. Explore our patio cover installation services near Watauga and enjoy outdoor living at its best.
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Wood Fence built by Circle D Construction in Watauga TX

Wood Fences

Create Privacy with a Custom Wood Fence
A wood fence can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space and a practical solution for defining your property and enhancing privacy. Let our team at Circle D Construction design and build a custom wood fence that perfectly meets your needs and style.
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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Exceptional Outdoor Living!

Elevate your Watauga outdoor areas into welcoming retreats with our extensive outdoor living solutions. Whether it's designing beautiful outdoor kitchens, enchanting arbors, alluring pergolas, or dependable patio covers, Circle D Construction brings skill to each endeavor. Discover the harmonious fusion of style and practicality for your dream outdoor sanctuary.

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Trusted Landscape and Irrigation Expert in Watauga TX

Circle D Construction is your trusted landscape and irrigation expert in Watauga. With years of experience serving the local community, we have established ourselves as the go-to landscape contractor in Watauga. Our team of experienced irrigation experts near Watauga is dedicated to providing top-notch services tailored to your specific needs.

Dallas will listen to what your vision is. Dallas will give you his input based on his decades of experience in creating outdoor living spaces…everything from sprinkler heads, to covered patios, walls, etc. Keep your vision but listen to his common sense advice. Bottom line, be assured, you are in good hands with Dallas and Circle D Construction. Working with Dallas and Circle D was a pleasure. It’s probably as close as you’ll get to having a good friend or relative in the business.
Joe L.

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I am a neatnik & the job performed was spotless. Thank you!
Slobear - Watauga, TX 76148
Dallas D.
Dallas D. Checked in
Watauga, TX 76148
Dallas was great to work with. Once started, the work was completed in record time and my back yard looked like they'd never been there, everything was back in it's place.
Cris - Watauga, TX 76148
Dallas D.
Dallas D. Checked in
Installed combination french drain and surface drain.
Watauga, TX 76148
Dallas D.
Dallas D. Checked in
Installing new French drain
Watauga, TX 76148

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Landscape and Irrigation Insights in Watauga TX

Discover valuable landscape and irrigation insights tailored to Watauga, Texas, here at Circle D Construction. Our team has gathered a wealth of frequently asked questions and informative articles centered on landscaping and irrigation in Watauga. Explore topics such as 'Efficient Watering Practices for Watauga Lawns' to arm yourself with the knowledge needed for successful outdoor projects in Watauga. We're dedicated to providing you with the expertise and information essential for your landscaping and irrigation endeavors in Watauga.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between hardscaping and landscaping?

Hardscaping involves the use of non-living elements like concrete, rocks, and wood to create features like patios, walkways, and retaining walls, while landscaping uses living elements like grass and plants to enhance the natural beauty of an outdoor space. Combining hardscaping and landscaping can create a beautiful and functional outdoor area, but it requires careful planning to ensure that the elements work together harmoniously. A skilled landscaper or designer can help you achieve this balance and transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and inviting refuge.

Read about the difference between hardscape and landscape.

Sprinkler System by Circle D Construction
Can an automated sprinkler system save me money on my water bill?

Yes, automated sprinklers can save you time, but did you know that they can also save you money? By setting your sprinklers to disperse water regularly, you won't have to worry about forgetting to shut off the water at the right time. You'll also have a better idea of how much your sprinklers will cost each month, making it easier to set your monthly budget.

Green Grass
What is the difference between hardscaping and softscaping?
Hardscaping refers to using hard materials like stone and wood to create functional outdoor spaces, while softscaping refers to using living materials like grass and flowers to create a more natural look.
Softscaping by Circle D Construction
What are the benefits of softscaping?
Softscaping can make a yard look beautiful and cost less than hardscaping materials, but it requires more maintenance to keep up the appearance.
sprinkler installed by Circle D Construction
How do I determine when and how long to water my lawn?

Setting your watering schedule makes all the difference in your lawn's health and your monthly water bill. Here's how to determine when you should set your sprinklers to water and how long you should water your lawn each day.

yard drain
What are some landscape drainage solutions?
Landscape drainage solutions include redirecting water to acceptable exit points, preventing soil erosion, cleaning and repairing structures like downspouts or gutters, changing soil or plants that can do a better job of absorption or blocking, removing obstacles, creating new paths, and adding drainage to specific areas.
lawn needing drainage
Why is it important to address drainage issues?
It is important to address drainage issues because they can attract harmful mold and disease-bearing insects, affect your home’s resale value, cause damage to your foundation, and kill the plants and grass on your property.

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