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We have been serving Colleyville, TX and the surrounding area for over 15 years.

Circle D Construction is a locally-owned landscape construction and outdoor living contractor that serves the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our team of professionals designs and installs new sprinkler systems, custom stonework, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and covered patios. Our experts also offer sprinkler system reroute and landscape drainage solutions.

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Colleyville Irrigation and Landscaping Services

The Landscape Irrigation Team at Circle D provides the best irrigation and landscaping service possible. From lawn sprinkler system and sprinkler repair services to total landscape construction and landscaping stone installation, our team can provide a full range of irrigation and landscape drainage system for North Texas homes and businesses.  We can help you make sure your lawn is the best in the neighborhood.

Sprinklers & Stonework in Colleyville TX

We provide hardscape installation, irrigation and landscaping services, sprinkler repairs, drainage correction and outdoor lighting for homes and businesses in Colleyville, Texas and the greater Fort Worth area in North Texas.  Proudly serving the local community, our contractors understand landscape installation and drainage correction needs in Colleyville TX.

With a commitment to providing the best irrigation and landscaping services, hardscaping & Irrigation system installation in North Texas, we are the best landscaping company who are committed to helping homeowners and businesses keep Colleyville beautiful.  Our landscaping and hardscaping teams also know the ins and outs of irrigation systems, sprinkler repair, custom stone work and drainage correction to make sure every landscape design keeps looking great all year long.  Our contractors will also  help you with the landscaping ideas and design, install and configure your landscape irrigation system to make sure you have the most beautiful landscaping in your neighborhood.  In fact, many of your neighbors may soon become our next customers once they see your yard improvements.

Providing hardscape installation, custom stone work, sprinkler system repair, drainage correction, outdoor lighting, outdoor living areas, irrigation and landscaping services for homes in Colleyville TX 76034, Fort Worth TX 76106 and the surrounding DFW area of North Texas including Grapevine 76051, Southlake 76092, Keller 76248, Roanoke 76262, Westlake 76262, and Trophy Club 76262 and Tarrant county area.

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Dallas worked with us on the planning of our backyard with little upkeep! We were tired of the grass not growling and the weeds constantly in the flowerbeds and the leaves in the pool, plus our back fence was in need of being replaced. They did a GREAT job! They worked to get things completed quickly and efficiently. The neighbors have dogs and they replaced the fence in one day. When they said they would be here—they were here and did exactly what they said they would do. We now have a beautiful yard with very little upkeep!

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Outdoor Living in Colleyville TX

Landscape Drainage Correction

French Drains

French Drain systems use a slightly sloped trench filled with gravel, and a perforated pipe that collects water and carries it away from your yard.

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Surface Drains

If you have water pooling after it rains, your yard may need surface drains – a topical landscaping element that acts as drainage for your yard.

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Surface Regrading

If your yard is experiencing drainage problems, the issue may be a bad slope. One solution for drainage problems is regrading or resloping.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve multiple purposes in your yard. They can also manage drainage, add support to slopes, level out an area, and add a design element.

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Sprinkler Systems

New Sprinkler System Installation

Add value to your home and avoid over- and under-watering with a new automatic sprinkler system from Circle D Construction.

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Reroute / Reconfiguration

If you’ve noticed certain areas of your lawn are missed or are not thriving, it may be time to have your sprinklers updated.

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Patio Covers & Hardscaping

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls act as a hardscape focal point, but can also help manage drainage, add support to slopes, level out an area, and more.

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Patios and Pathways

The team at Circle D Construction will help you decide on the right features and finishes for your stone patio or pathway.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens by Circle D Construction help extend your living space outside and add an entertainment feature to your yard.

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Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fire pits and fireplaces offer a great entertainment option, and can be a beautiful focal point for your patio or yard.

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Steps and Edging

While fireplaces and patios act as central features, things like stone edging and steps provide a more functional addition to your yard while enhancing your curb appeal.

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Arbors and Pergolas

If you’re looking to warm your space up with wood, pergolas and arbors offer several benefits. Both pergolas and arbors add beauty to your yard, but they also provide a functional aspect.

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Patio Covers

Patio covers serve many purposes in your outdoor area. They can be attached to your home to protect landings, patios, or spaces that store vehicles.

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A fence is often one of the first projects people consider when upgrading their yard. Adding a fence has several benefits, including privacy, increasing your home’s value, separating spaces, and defining the boundary of your property.

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Landscape Drainage Systems in Colleyville TX

Well placed drainage in a yard can mean the difference between a perfectly green, lush lawn and a wet, swampy area that's unusable to you and your guests. Find out more about how to know if you have a drainage issue in your yard, and what to do to correct the problem with the help of the team at Circle D Construction.

Signs Of Drainage Issues

The first step to creating a yard with excellent drainage is to find out if there's a problem and to pinpoint where it's coming from. Look out for these signs that your outdoor area might have an issue before looking for landscaping drainage solutions. 

  • Standing water that does not absorb into the ground
  • Low spots in your landscaping that collect water when it rains
  • Noticeably soggy ground
  • Pooling water at the bottom of downspouts
  • Signs of soil erosion on uneven ground
  • The appearance of water damage on the outside of structures 
Causes Of Drainage Issues

After discovering drainage issues, you'll need to figure out where the problem is originating. There are many factors that could be causing issues in your yard, and some are easier to spot than others. These are a few of the most common causes.

  • Hard ground (including clay soil) that doesn't absorb water in the same way that a softer soil would
  • Uneven ground, causing higher and lower points in your yard, will lead to pools of water in the lower points
  • Issues with downspouts and gutters, including cracks and debris blocking the water
  • Obstacles in the way of water runoff, including everything from buildings to bushes
  • A high water table, keeping water at surface level

Drainage issues are a common problem for those who own a home that sits at a lower spot than their neighbors. It's also possible that your neighbor's landscaping may be adding to your trouble. If your neighbor has installed a retaining wall to resolve their own erosion problems, for example, the water could be running off into your yard. While homeowners can't control where their home is placed or how their neighbors design their landscaping, there are solutions for every drainage problem.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

When it comes to solving your landscaping draining issues, each problem will have a unique solution. Choosing a professional team to handle the situation will ensure that you'll have a plan that will address your individual concerns and create a landscape that works for your needs. The plan might include one or more of these solutions. 

  • Changing the soil and plants in your yard, creating a lawn that will better absorb water and cut down on runoff
  • Stopping soil erosion from causing soil and water to run off into lower parts of the yard
  • Cleaning, repairing, or replacing downspouts and gutters
  • Redirecting water from low spots to acceptable exit points
  • Removing obstacles that are preventing water from exiting the yard, either through drains or on its natural path
What Can Professionals Do?

Some actions can be taken by homeowners to resolve the issue on their own. For example, you might simply need to clean out the gutters or replace part of a downspout to keep water moving. Other problems might require more skilled work. That's where the professionals come in, with the following potential solutions.

  • Install retaining walls, preventing erosion from causing soil and water to enter low points of the yard 
  • Install a drain system, sometimes including a sump pump, to redirect the flow of excess water, from wet areas to dry spots in the yard or another exit point
  • Design a custom landscaping plan, with soil and plants that will better absorb water
  • Regrade the lawn to create an even surface without low point for water to gather
  • Create a slope near the home, to keep water from damaging the foundation of the structure
Why You Need To Address the Problem

You've noticed the problem, you've pinpointed the source, and you've asked about potential solutions. So, why is it necessary to do something about it? Especially for those who don't spend a lot of time outside, it may seem like a task that could be put off until a later time. Here's why you should take the time to address drainage problems.

  • Water could be affecting your home if runoff is being directed toward your foundation
  • Pooling water will kill your grass and other plants
  • Having a properly installed drainage system will increase the resale value of your home in the future
  • Leaving water damage can result in more serious and costly problems, including fungus growth and disease

If your yard is suffering from problems that landscape drainage solutions can solve, call the team at Circle D Construction. A customized plan and unique solutions can turn your yard into the usable outdoor area you'll love.

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