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Most people don’t understand how much and when their lawn needs to be watered. Circle D Construction will design and install a custom irrigation system so you can have a green lawn without the guesswork.
I used Circle D Construction for a sprinkler installation. Dallas and his team are very prompt, professional and fairly priced. I will use their services again. I am very pleased.

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lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers
lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers
lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers
lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers
lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers


Sprinkler System Installation

Add value to your home and avoid over- and under-watering with a new automatic sprinkler system from Circle D Construction. Get the most from your in-ground lawn sprinklers.

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Reroute / Reconfiguration

If certain areas of your lawn and plants are withering, your sprinkler system isn’t functioning at its best. We can come up with a plan of action to update and optimize your sprinkler system.

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In our area, lawn sprinkler systems are often considered less of a luxury and more of a necessity. While we continue to wait for rain, consider installing an automatic sprinkler system to upgrade your landscaping and make the most of your water usage.

Give Your Yard a Healthy Look

The most obvious advantage of choosing a lawn sprinkler system for watering is that you'll have the look of lush, healthy grass. Sprinklers keep your ground hydrated throughout the year. Automated sprinkler systems can make your watering schedule more efficient and effective.

By setting your sprinklers to water your lawn at the right times of day and for the right amount of time, you can be sure that your lawn will be watered just enough without being wasteful. Remember that watering too little or too much can lead to dry grass, rotting grass, or disease.

What Happens if Your Yard is Unhealthy?

Lawn sprinkler systems can improve your lawn's health, but you can do serious damage without learning how to properly use an automated system.

  • Without enough water, grass will become crunchy or blades will wilt. You'll notice that the ground is dry and that the grass breaks when stepped on, rather than springing back to life. A lack of water can also cause your grass to grow less quickly.
  • Overwatering can lead to Brown Patch Lawn Disease. You'll notice that some areas of grass develop a brown color due to turf fungus growth.
  • When shady areas get too much water, you might notice moss growing. Shady areas are also more likely to suffer from root rot and rotting grass, which will turn your lawn a yellow or brown color.

Save Money on Your Monthly Water Bill

Yes, automated sprinklers can save you time, but did you know that they can also save you money? By setting your sprinklers to disperse water on a regular schedule, you won't have to worry about forgetting to shut off the water at the right time. You'll also have a better idea of how much your sprinklers will cost each month, making it easier to set your monthly budget.

Start by learning about the best times for watering, when the ground absorbs the most water possible before it evaporates, and how long you should keep the water on. Set your sprinkler schedule, and let the system do the work while you reap the financial benefits.

lawn sprinkler system, Sprinklerslawn sprinkler system, Sprinklerslawn sprinkler system, Sprinklers

When and How to Automatically Water Lawns

Setting your watering schedule makes all the difference in your lawn's health and the amount of your monthly water bill. Here's how to determine when you should set your sprinklers to water and how long you should water your lawn each day.

  • New Planted Lawns: Fresh sod requires more water than established lawns. It's recommended that you water twice per day or three times on especially hot days. After the first few weeks, reduce the watering
  • Established Lawns: After your fresh sod settles, or if you're setting up your system with an existing lawn, you'll want to water your lawn every other day in cool months and five times per week in warmer months. If your area is under water restrictions, make sure you know which days you can water and do so both in the morning and at night.
  • Time of Day: The most effective time for watering a lawn is between 3-6 a.m. If you're watering twice daily, the second round should be done between 6-8 p.m. This is when the ground absorbs the most water and wastes the least amount of water.

Increase Your Home's Value

Most homeowners who plan a big project, like changing their landscaping, will have resale value in mind. An automatic sprinkler system is an excellent selling point for potential buyers and can instantly boost your resale value. The initial cost can vary widely, depending on the size of your yard and the type of system you install. However, you're most likely to see that investment pay off if you do choose to sell your home in the future.

Have the system professionally installed, and over time, be sure to maintain your sprinkler system to give buyers the best possible system. A consultation with a landscaping expert can help you make a plan for choosing a sprinkler system and how to install it to ensure that your entire yard gets the proper amount of water each day.

Choosing and Installing a Lawn Sprinkler system

There are many different options for sprinkler systems available. Your choice will depend on your landscaping needs and the space you're working with.

  • Spray Irrigation: This type of sprinkler sprays water over a large area of your yard. A series of tubes run under the ground, and spray heads come out of the ground at certain points, watering the surrounding area. Spray irrigation works best for light soils and is easier to install. However, they also require more frequent maintenance, as the spray heads are easily damaged over time.
  • Drip Irrigation: The drip irrigation process occurs completely underground. The series of pipes release water into the soil, watering grass and plants from the ground up. These systems require more effort to install but use less water and distribute water more precisely.

Take pride in your landscaping and enjoy a green, healthy lawn by choosing an automatic sprinkler system. To learn more about which products will work best for your landscape design, contact the team at Circle D Construction.

These guys do great work! They have done several jobs for me including sprinkler installation and custom landscaping. They are efficient and professional. Flagstone looks great. I highly recommend circle D construction.Scott C.
John and his apprentice came out to service my sprinkler system today. They were very professional and friendly. They were able to locate and fix the leaking valve. They also checked and adjusted the entire sprinkler system. The bill was a little more expensive than I was originally quoted due to problems finding the buried valve. However, the job was completed with no problems. They also guarantee all their work for 1 year. I will use them for all future sprinkler system problems.Bron B.
These guys were just awesome. After contacting Bryan at Circle D, he came to my home and we discussed what was needed to get my yard back to picture perfect. He suggested a drip system that would water the root system more efficiently than a standard sprinkler system with no runoff. After approving the estimate, the crew showed up and within an hour and a half had removed the old grass from the yard and began laying the drip system. The crew was outstanding. The skills they displayed left me shaking my head with wonder. The entire job was completed in about 7 hours, from start to clean up. I was shown how the system functioned and trained on the controller's programming. Very simple and easy. I have been sitting in my yard the last couple of days just gloating over how good my yard looks. Thanks, guys!Carty E.