Preparing Your Lawn Drainage for the Rainy Season

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As the rainy season approaches, it’s crucial to ensure that your lawn drainage is up to par. Proper lawn drainage is essential to protect your property from potential water damage and to maintain the health of your lawn. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to prepare your lawn drainage for the rainy season. Why is Lawn Drainage …

6 Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips for New Users

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Like all good things, sprinkler systems require maintenance to work at their most efficient level. Failure to maintain your sprinkler system can negatively affect its performance and longevity. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve the performance and lifespan of your sprinkler system. Without further ado, here are 6 sprinkler system maintenance tips for new users. 1. Set …

6 Landscape Drainage Solutions

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Does your lawn have drainage problems? Learn more about types of landscape drainage solutions, how they work, and where you should use them.

Water Conservation Tips for Outdoor Areas

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Water conservation is important, especially in hot, dry regions like Texas. Conserving water is good not only for your water bill, but also for the environment, our ecosystem, and our future. If you’re interested in finding ways to minimize your water usage, here are seven water conservation tips for your outdoor areas. 1. Plant Appropriate Species Of Plants Plants that …

The Rundown on Landscape Drains

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Water from rainfall or snowmelt is typically absorbed into the ground. However, sometimes when rainfall is particularly heavy or the ground is already saturated, water can’t be absorbed quickly enough, causing it to pool. If this happens, it can create serious problems for homeowners and their lawns. When water begins to collect, landscape drains are the most common and effective …

Sprinkler System for Spring

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To ensure you have the best possible lawn this season, you need to make sure your grass, flowers, shrubbery, and trees receive adequate amounts of water. Unless you have time to stand in your yard with a garden hose for hours at a time, installing an automatic sprinkler system is the best option. There are several types of watering methods you can …

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Sprinkler System

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Before you know it, spring will be here, and taking care of your lawn will once again become a priority. Keeping your lawn properly watered, especially throughout the hottest months, can be quite a chore. A sprinkler system can help ensure the health of your lawn and take the guesswork out of whether it is receiving the correct amount of water. However, …