Components of an Outdoor Living Space

Backyard Design - Outdoor Living Space with patio furniture and outdoor fireplace

Being outside provides many benefits, from boosting your mood to improving your short-term memory to increasing your levels of vitamin D. You could go for a hike or do yard work or play a sport, but in our busy world, you’re probably not going to do any of those things regularly. Having an outdoor living space where you can relax, spend time with your family, and host friends will make you more likely to spend time outdoors. If your outdoor space is inviting, you’re more likely to use it. Here are some components of outdoor living space to help you create the space you want.

Define Your Space

Defining your space means creating a distinction between your outdoor living space and the rest of your yard. You can usually accomplish this with subtle touches rather than big, bold structures. A stone retaining wall, for example, rather than a full-scale wall can help you define your space. An outdoor rug and a seating arrangement can define a space. A pergola, a deck, or a patio can help differentiate your space from the rest of your yard.

Make It Comfortable

One of the components of an outdoor living space that will ensure you use it is comfort. Comfort may mean shade on sunny afternoons. It may mean overstuffed cushions on your outdoor furniture. Maybe there is an ottoman at your feet. Many people love a hammock for reading or napping on a lazy, summer Sunday afternoon. If you live in an especially warm climate, you might also consider misters to cool things off.

Light It Right

If you plan on spending time outside in the evening, some kind of lighting is essential. Full lighting can attract insects. One option that appeals to many people is string lighting. It’s not overpowering, so you can maintain the ambiance but still be able to see what you’re doing. Another popular option is lanterns. Like string lights, they are a gentle light source. They make lovely centerpieces and can be lit with candles or battery-powered lights. You can even find lanterns that are solar-powered.

Furnishing for Form and Function

Furniture can make or break your space. Attractive furnishings will attract people. But furniture should serve form and function. Your furniture should serve a specific purpose, whether it’s creating a conversation pit, offering you a place to enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, or providing seating for you to serve a seven-course meal to friends. Think carefully about how you want to use your space before shopping for furniture.

Protection from Pests

Bugs outdoors are just a fact of life. If you really want to enjoy your outdoor space, you need a sensible way to control them. You could get a bug zapper, though they can be distracting and unattractive. A pergola or a pavilion gives you a structure where you can hang mosquito netting. Citronella candles and torches are other options that can also add to the mood of your outdoor space at night.

What Will Attract You to the Space?

It is essential to consider the components of an outdoor living space that will make you want to use it. Consider a fire pit where you can sit and chat with a glass of wine or roast marshmallows or a grill or even a full-scale outdoor kitchen for preparing meals for family and friends. You could even have a water feature like a fountain to provide a soothing background sound. 

One of the best ways to ensure you spend more time outside is to create an inviting outdoor space. These components of outdoor living space will help you create a place where you’ll want to spend time for years to come.

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