4 Patio Design Ideas

patio design ideas, 4 Patio Design Ideas

Your patio can be an investment in both your home and your quality of life. Good outdoor living spaces are becoming a priority, and not just to add real estate value. Homeowners are maximizing their enjoyment of their outdoor spaces and realizing all of the benefits that come with it. These can include family time, a place to relax outside, and a perfect place to host guests.

Do you need some patio design ideas for your space? Here are four to get you started.


Concrete is an affordable flooring option which makes it a highly sought-after material. Concrete is a perfect choice for modern patios, for every style from transitional to industrial. The lower end of the price range represents basic concrete, and stamped or stained concrete will go up from there.


If your style of decorating leans more toward classic charm, brick might be the way to go. Brick patios can last a long time. In fact, some brick patios having a lifetime of 100 years or more. Uneven and crumbling bricks can be a problem over time but are easy to replace individually. The cost of a brick patio will depend on the size of the space, and the cost and quality of the brick.

Wood Decking

Wood is another popular choice for homeowners, but it requires the most maintenance. Wood patios should be cleaned and sealed regularly to stay looking nice. If you want the look of wood without the upkeep, consider composite wood decking, which costs a little more but pays off with less maintenance. Wood decking can cost a little more than concrete or brick.


Stone patios are a great choice, partly because they don’t need much maintenance. There are many different kinds of stone to choose from depending on what look you want. Stone is the most expensive option, but you can reduce costs by opting for local stone. Trucking the stone long distances is often what contributes to the high cost. Talk to your outdoor living contractor about which regional stone options are available near you.

Once you have chosen your flooring, it’ll be time to put your other patio design ideas to work. Add extras like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, fire pit, or patio cover. The sky’s the limit!

Get Inspired

Take a look through our project photos so you can get more patio design ideas for your own backyard.