Summer Lawn Care Tips Made Easy

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Summer has arrived and along with it comes the beautiful sunny weather that we are accustomed to here in North Texas. Unfortunately, the hot sun and dry conditions could wreak havoc with your lawn if you are not careful. Keep your lawn healthy and looking great for backyard barbeques and parties this year by following these easy summer lawn care tips:

Know When to Water

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their lawns is not knowing when to water to maximize benefits and minimize potential problems. Water early in the day to prevent water from evaporating in the hot air before it can soak into your lawn. Avoid watering in the evening, which can lead to fungus or mold growth.

Know How Much to Water

A healthy warm-season lawn requires one inch of water each week in all areas. That one inch includes water from both the rain and your irrigation system. To measure to see if your lawn is receiving the right amount of water, purchase an inexpensive water measuring tube, which will tell you how much water has fallen on your yard.

Be Consistent With Your Watering

It’s important to ensure that your entire yard receives equal amounts of water. If you rely on handheld hoses, the tendency to overwater in some areas while underwatering in others can lead to waterlogged grass and dead, brown spots. The best way to make sure your lawn is evenly watered is to have a contractor install an in-ground sprinkler system. Once installed in a pattern that ensures even coverage, these require little more than to set the timer and let it do its work all summer long.

Fertilize When Needed

If you follow a regular fertilizing schedule, you have already applied a low rate nitrogen fertilizer during the spring and will apply another in the fall. However, your warm-season grasses, including hybrid Bermuda grasses, often require a higher level of nitrogen during their active growing season. You may need to apply one or two additional fertilizer applications during the summer with a slow-release formula that will prevent burning your lawn. Test your soil’s pH balance and determine the required amount of fertilizer to keep it healthy by using a store-bought kit.

Mow High and Often

When your lawn grows fast, you may be tempted to cut it shorter to avoid mowing it frequently. However, allowing your grass to grow a bit higher will help it grow deeper routes, which in turn will make it more drought resistant.

During the summer, you should keep your grass in North Texas slightly long. Set your mower blades high and try to cut no more than a third of the height of your grass in one mowing. This keeps your grass healthy and will allow you to leave grass clippings on your lawn that will help maintain the moisture level of your lawn. Keep your mower blades sharp to minimize damage and stress to your lawn.

Clean Up Around Your Yard

Make sure to clean up after your pets often. Pet waste can kill your grass and cause unsightly brown patches. Flush affected areas with water to wash away and dilute dog excrement. After using them, remove lawn furniture, toys, and water games to avoid killing the grass beneath.

By following these summer lawn care tips, you can help your lawn survive the summer and keep it looking great throughout the year.

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