How to Design a Covered Patio

how to design a covered patio

No matter what time of year it is, a practical and aesthetically appealing covered patio will be in use all year long, raising the market value of your home. Moreover, covered patios provide a pleasant space for your home by extending your living area.

Is a Covered Patio Different from a Pergola?

A covered patio, unlike pergolas, is created with a cover that gives sufficient shelter and relief from the sun even on the hottest summer days. It also functions to protect against severe weather conditions like rain. Nothing helps you go all out when it comes to outdoor recreation space like a covered patio. Having a backyard covered patio allows you to relax and unwind while enjoying the outdoors.

Add Value To Your Home

A backyard patio helps boost the value of your residential property as well as your quality of life. Outdoor living areas have become more important than ever and not simply for the sake of increasing real estate value. Homeowners are taking advantage of their backyard space and enjoying the perks that come with it. Spending quality outdoor time with family, having a place to sit and relax outside, and a great area to entertain visitors are now all possible.

One of the most important things to consider before starting the construction of your covered patio is to pick the proper material and parts for the design. You can also add a personal touch and decorate the covered patio according to your aesthetics. 

Choosing The Right Material for Your Covered Patio

Experienced patio contractors suggest that you choose the materials that complement your house’s design and style. The most typical materials for a covered patio are wood and concrete, although stone, brick, and even glass are becoming increasingly popular.


The most common material used for covered patios is wood, although it needs the highest ongoing maintenance. To maintain its beauty, wood patios should be cleaned and polished on a regular basis. Try composite wood decking if you want the beauty of wood without the hassle of daily cleaning. It costs a bit more but requires less maintenance. A patio made of wood can be more expensive than concrete or brick.


Concrete is a cost-effective building material, which makes it a popular choice. From classic to urban styles, concrete is ideal for modern patios. Basic concrete is at the cheaper side of the price range and stamped or stained concrete would be more expensive.


Brick may be the ideal choice if your decor taste leans toward a timeless appeal. Patios made of brick are cost-effective and can survive a long time. Some brick patios have a lifespan of more than a century. Over time, misaligned or cracking bricks can become an issue, but they can be easily restored. A brick patio’s cost is decided based on the space as well as the price and quality of the bricks.


Stone patios are a popular alternative, mainly due to their low maintenance requirements. Depending on the design you desire, you can choose many different types of stone. One of the most expensive materials is stone. However, you may save money by using local stones. Stones typically cost more due to the long distances the stone has to be transported. Discuss which regional stone alternatives are available near you with your outdoor patio contractor.

Unique Ideas for Building a Welcoming Space

A covered patio should not be filled with old furniture and dull lights that make it seem uninviting. With a covered patio, every design and decor decision you make adds to the creation of a well-equipped, enjoyable place that reflects your style. Start by adding elegant, sleek patio furniture that suits the size of your covered space to give it a personal touch and charm. You can add different elements, such as printed linens, chic outdoor cushions, and easily interchangeable accessories. 

To help brighten up your outdoor living space, you may add:

  • Vibrant patio light fixtures
  • Cozy fireplace
  • Outdoor kitchen area
  • Burst of color
  • Modern furniture
  • Table for the whole family
  • Patio bar
  • Stainless steel details
  • String lights
  • Kid’s area

Overall, if your outdoor style matches your personality and taste, there is quite a wide variety of small details you can add to help make your backyard covered patio feel ultra-comfortable.

Complement Your Home’s Aesthetics

Patio contractors advise adopting the same design features and aesthetic elements that characterize your house into your covered patio. It helps maintain consistency and ensures that your patio would not look out of place. To ensure continuity, your covered patio should be built with similar materials and features that complement your home’s current style.

Your Ideal Covered Patio Construction Partner

Remember to hire qualified and experienced patio contractors like Circle D Construction if you want a covered patio that will make you want to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Our team of specialists will work with you to design and build a covered patio that meets your needs and desires, using cutting-edge techniques and innovative covered patio ideas that you’ll cherish for many seasons to come. Our experts will ensure that you get a magnificent outdoor living area that is structurally solid, comfortable, and within your budget. 

We take pride in maintaining top-notch customer service. From Dallas to Fort Worth Metroplex, our customer base is witness to the quality work and fair prices we offer. Let us get in touch to discuss your patio design approach and transform your personal vision into reality. Call us today to book your backyard covered patio construction appointment.

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