Wood Fence Design Ideas

Wood Fence

Quality wood fencing can offer homeowners many benefits. It’s a versatile and attractive fence option that can provide years of service to property owners. With the variety of wood fence design ideas available, you’re certain to find a wood fence style that is suitable for your needs.

Standard Wood Fencing

Standard wood fencing can come with dog-eared boards or white painted pickets or a number of options in between. When considering your wood fence design ideas, remember that the simplest options are sometimes the best. Your outdoor living contractor will be able to show you all the options available to you.

Horizontal Fencing

This type of fencing can be built of any type of wood that is suitable for outdoor use. Horizontal wood fencing gives homeowners privacy because there is little, if any, space between fence pieces. Because it is horizontal, it is a bit modern looking in design and makes a great background for decorative pieces like art and statuary.

Board on Board Fencing

One of the most popular wood fencing design ideas, board on board fencing, offers several different styles to choose from. Featuring vertical board placement, board on board design offers durability, security and privacy all with an attractive finish. Because board on board fence has many design styles to choose from, it can complement just about any home.

Metal Fence Posts vs. Wood Posts

The posts– the part of the fence that keeps it anchored to the ground– are the part of your wood fence that is exposed to the most moisture and exposure to the ground elements. If you want to preserve the integrity of your fence, you need to preserve your posts. There are several ways to accomplish, that such as using pressure treated wood or a sealant on your wood. If durability is your primary concern, metal posts are an option that your outdoor living contractor can provide.

Wooden Fence on a Retaining Wall

In yards where there is a slope, a retaining wall is sometimes used to manage the slope. A homeowner who wishes to have a privacy fence may find that the most workable solution is to place that privacy fence directly on top of the retaining wall. In such cases, a three or four foot wooden fence may be all that is necessary, as the retaining wall may already provide three or four feet of height to the interior of the yard. The posts of the wooden fence may be attached to the retaining wall by means of post anchors which, as the name suggests, anchors the posts to the wall.

When researching wood fence design ideas, keep your options open. There is a lot to choose from, so get the facts and make sure that you choose something that will complement the look and style of your home, as well as serve its intended purpose.

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