Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Harvest Party

outdoor harvest party, Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Harvest Party

With its mild weather and trendy themes, fall is a perfect time for entertaining outdoors. Gather your friends, put together some fall decorations and recipes, and have a blast with these fun tips for planning an outdoor harvest party.


For a truly classy outdoor harvest party, start with invitations that are in keeping with your theme. Invitations are a great place to mention that the party will be outdoors, so guests should dress appropriately.


For an outdoor harvest party, think casual. Arranging outdoor lounge chairs around a fire pit is perfectly acceptable. Another option is to decorate your patio dining set in a fall theme. If you don’t have enough seating for everyone, indoor stools and benches brought outside can add to the fun, creative atmosphere.

Providing Warmth

Keep in mind that an outdoor party in fall can get a little chilly, especially after the sun goes down. Grouping the party around a fire pit can provide warmth as well as an atmosphere of casual companionship. If your guests will be seated at a table, away from the fire pit, keep throw blankets within reach for anyone who gets cold.


If your party will last until dusk or beyond, you need to think about lighting. A fire pit creates an intense but localized glow that will blind everyone to anything beyond the immediate circle of light, but for a small grouping this might be just fine. If that’s not the atmosphere you’re going for, hurricane lanterns and globe string lights will provide ambient lighting. If you want to stick to the outdoor harvest party theme, scoop out the tops of a dozen apples, place tealights in them, and arrange the apples on the table as a centerpiece.


Pick some easy fall drinks to serve at your outdoor harvest party. Hot apple cider, either virgin or alcoholic, will help warm up your guests, or you can spike a pitcher of margaritas with apple juice and cinnamon.


Roasted fall vegetables should be a highlight of any outdoor harvest party. Save yourself time and effort by throwing some chicken onto the baking sheet, too, and cooking everything together.


Nothing will top off your fall party like the smoky-sweet taste of s’mores. Toasting the marshmallows together over the fire pit can put a fun finish on your party or serve a harvest-themed twist on the traditional s’mores recipe such as these s’mores dipped apples.

Want to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather? Have some friends over for an outdoor harvest party. There’s a good reason fall is a lot of people’s favorite season. Between the cooler weather, the availability of fall produce like apples and squash, and the comforting fragrance of fallen leaves, there’s almost no better time to entertain and take advantage of your outdoor living spaces.

Make It Work

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