How Long Does it Take to Install Lawn Sprinklers?

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation


An important step in maintaining a lush, green lawn is irrigation. One of the best methods of lawn irrigation is an automatic sprinkler system.

Depending on your city, installation time for lawn sprinklers may vary. It usually takes about one day for a regular installation, but in some cases additional time may be necessary. Different cities have different requirements and regulations when it comes to sprinkler system installations. If your city has more than one day regulations for the installation of lawn sprinklers, then your install could end up taking three to four days. Obviously a one day installation would be nice, but regulations are put in place for a reason.

Lot Sizes and Zones

Another factor to consider when installing automatic lawn sprinklers is lot size and how many zones are needed. Zones are certain areas that need to have a water sprinkler head installed. Too many sprinkler heads in one zone can flood the lawn. The larger the lot the longer it takes to install lawn sprinklers. However, a larger lot can usually take at least two days to install. Sometimes during an installation process, a backflow device will need to be installed first before the actual activation of the system takes place.

Size Is A Factor

The size of the project, or lawn, as well as the regulations and requirements play a key role in how long the actual sprinkler installation will take. The installation process is a simple and fast one. The lawn sprinklers are installed in the necessary zones according to the size lot you have, then the timer settings will be adjusted. The timer will need an actual location, which would usually be the garage or basement, depending on which one you have or prefer.

Usually after the sprinkler system installation, the installation company you used might feel the need to contact you by email to see if the installation is working properly and functioning with ease. Automatic lawn sprinklers have been used successfully for years and have saved many clients time, money and work.

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