Landscape Rocks and Boulders – Accents Are Important

Add Beauty to Your Lawn with Landscape Rocks

The Genius of Using Natural Rocks and Boulders as Landscape Accents

landscape rocksAre you tired of a flat, bland lawn or unfinished backyard? You can enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor living areas with the organic aesthetic of a variety of landscape rocks and boulders. River rocks, pebbles, gravel, or boulders in various sizes, shapes and colors help to create a natural, picturesque landscape design.

Positioned alone as a focal point in the yard, or arranged among shrubs and grasses in an eye-catching rock garden, rocks can be an integral part of your landscaping plans.

Types of Rock to Use

The types of rock you want to use in your landscaping project may depend on a number of factors, such as price, size, equipment needed for installation, and ease of access for delivery and placement. Extensive projects involving huge boulders or large quantities of smaller stones will require special trucks and equipment as well as the knowledge and expertise of a professional landscaping contractor.

Although you can find some landscape rocks and boulders at many local stone yards and rock shops, as an individual homeowner you will usually pay higher retail prices. Normally contractors can get stone at a considerably lower wholesale price because they buy so much material, over and over and over.

When you hire a contractor for your project, you can somewhat offset the costs of landscape design and installation with the better prices you get on your rock purchases. Contractors also have many connections with materials producers and retailers, and know where to find the types, sizes, colors, and quantities of landscape rocks you need.

A Good Landscape Design is Critical

Remember, no matter what types of stone you use or what your project entails, you need to properly prepare the area, considering dimensions, obstacles such as utility lines, soil levels and settling, and weed control. Landscape design professionals can provide invaluable insights and advice, so that your new rock installation is appealing and stable for years of natural beauty in your outdoor spaces.

Professionals At Work

We believe that you will immediately notice a big difference in our approach to the entire situation.

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