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We all have ideas of things we’d like to change inside and outside of our homes. When the time comes to make those changes, the projects can feel overwhelming. Circle D is a local company, dedicated to helping homeowners create their ideal living space. Learn more about how we can help update your home with home improvement projects, below.

Increasing Resale Value
Even if you plan to stay in your home long term, you should always consider resale value when beginning a home improvement project. Kitchens are one of the most frequently updated rooms because of the return on investment that comes with those updates. When considering resale value, keep the following factors in mind.
Choose natural materials that won’t go out of style over time. Materials like granite, marble, and wood are classics and will still be in style long after this year’s trends have faded.
Opt for neutral colors. Sure, a pop of color on an accent wall can be a fun way to bring your personality into your living space. However, when choosing colors for major focal points and more permanent features, neutral colors that will appeal to most home buyers are a better option.
Know the market. Check out houses for sale in your area and see where yours fits in. Generally, you don’t want to make so many upgrades that your home becomes unaffordable for the neighborhood.

Making Your Home Fit Your Lifestyle
A home should be a welcoming and relaxing place to come back to at the end of a long day. With a few key improvements, your home can be transformed into your ideal space for relaxing, entertaining, and living day to day life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by possible projects, start with these ideas.
Turn your bathroom into a spa retreat. There’s nothing more luxurious than a space for soaking in a bubble bath. Make some changes to a dated bathroom to give your home a quick facelift. Stick with a clean and simple design to prevent the room from looking small.
Focus on the kitchen. In most homes, friends and family tend to gather in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home and a place that makes others feel comfortable and welcome. Making improvements in the kitchen means investing in your day to day life.
Don’t forget about your yard. An outdoor living space is the perfect addition to homes in our area. Including a patio, outdoor kitchen, a shelter, and plant life to the area, you’ll instantly increase your home’s living space. Entertaining outdoors, relaxing around a fire, and cooking dinner outside will all make you love your home even more.

Implementing Unique and Personalized Design
Resale value is an important consideration when updating a home and there are some areas that we recommend you focus on, but your home is still your home. Making home improvements is an excellent opportunity to infuse some of your personal style into your space. Here’s how you can do it.
Think about where you spend most of your time and put your money there. Does your family like to cook together? Think about how you can improve your kitchen to accommodate more people. Do you love throwing parties? Create a patio with ample seating.
Consider how you use each room. Some families like to have a formal dining room, while others prefer informal meals at the kitchen table. A formal living room might call for high end details while a family room can use cozy, comfortable seating. Decide what works for your rooms and your lifestyle.
Include easy to change details that can be swapped out later, if you choose to move or just rearrange your decor. Decorative items like art, vases, plants, and rugs can dramatically change the look of a room, but none are permanent fixtures.

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality
Do you spend time daydreaming about what you’d like your house to look like? Start saving your ideas, build a plan, and make it happen. Getting organized can help you focus on what projects you want to complete and how you’ll get it done. Use these tips to get started.
Collect your ideas in one central location. For some, a binder will work. Save clippings from magazines and jot down notes when you see something you like. For others, an electronic storage solution will work best. Bookmark websites and save photos of interiors you like.

Build a budget
When you know what you like and you’ve decided which area you’d like to focus on, you’ll want to work out a budget. Decide how much money you’d like to invest in your space and allocated that money for each project.

Be flexible
Throughout the home improvement process, things will most likely change. Some of your ideas may not work in your space. Your budget may need to be updated along the way. Start with guidelines and be flexible as you go.

Are you ready to get started on turning your home into a space that works perfectly for you and your family? Contact Circle D Industries for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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