Fit and Flexible

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a new home or having one built is having enough space. But you might not always need to use the space for a specific purpose. This is where having a flex room can add versatility to the space in your home.

What is a Flex Space in a House?

If you look at floor plans of many home builders, you’ll find flex space is now a common space found in their designs. It is a space that you can use any way that fits your needs. As your family and your lifestyle change, your flex space can change right along with you.

Flex space in a house can be used for multiple purposes. When planning and designing your home, flex space involves structural modifications to make a space that is functional. This space can be in any part of your home – even the garage. It can be used or turned into whatever the homeowner needs at any time.

So, what is a flex space in a house? Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Extra guest space. You can turn your flex space into an area for guests. It can have the look of a designated extra bedroom or it can be within an area for other uses. Adding a sofa bed to any space gives you an extra place for guests.
  • Home office. Flex space can provide an area to work or study room. It can be located anywhere in the house or in the back of the house for more privacy. If your home has two stories, it could be a space just above the stairway. For more privacy, add French doors for a dramatic look.
  • Library. Relaxing with a cup of coffee or glass of wine among your book collection that is all in one place is a reader’s dream. Built-ins for books and knick-knacks will add sophistication and space. It is a place to relax and have a few quiet moments.
  • Media room. One of the most popular uses for flex space is a media room. Comfortable and functional furniture can make your media room the most popular room in the house. Adding a sofa-bed will also make it handy for last-minute guests.
  • Craft room. A place for crafting and sewing is a room that Pinterest lovers can create without having a mess in the main part of the home. Built-ins or closets with shelves add a space for essential items and supplies.
  • Home gym. Finding a space for bulky workout equipment in your home can be difficult. Flex space could be the answer you are looking for. Add a TV to the wall and you’ll have your own athletic club right in your own home.
  • Playroom. For growing families, toys everywhere can be a problem that is solved by adding flex space to your home design. One space made comfortable enough for adults to sit and watch the kids – but a place where the kids can enjoy playing without worrying about disturbing others. Shelves with cubbies for easy clean-up, labeled bins for special items and book-shelves for storing books will help the playroom to be functional and organized.

Flex Space in Your Home

Adding flex space to your home’s design could be well worth any extra it may add to the cost of your home. You can make it as small or as large as you want. Add a bathroom next to it and you’ve got a space that is functional and useful no matter what you use it for.

So, what is a flex space in a house? It is whatever you want it to be. It can be changed as your lifestyle and family needs change. Transform it into what you need – when you need it.

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